For the first time in history our EMC logo appears on a racing car!  A group of our motor mechanic students is undergoing a three day programme presented at the Aldo Scribante Race track! The programme covers basic principles of race car setup, preparation and maintenance.  Further to this, five of our top students have been afforded the opportunity to become a part of the Bateleur Racing Team for the race event scheduled for the second and third days of the programme (Friday and Saturday).   The students will be integrated into the team under the supervision and guidance of the regular team mechanics and will be given the opportunity to work as a part of the team throughout the entire race weekend.  The students will be given the opportunity, with approval from the team’s Chief Engineer, to man a pit stop as part of the regular team, carrying out re-fuelling, wheel changes and participating in repairs where necessary.  The project is funded by MERSETA.

All staff are invited to support our students and to view the branded racing car on Saturday 14 October at the Aldo Scribante Race Track (Khayalami Street, Wells Estate).   The race will commence at 17:00.

Download the newsletter done by Bateleur on the 2017 Young Motorsport Engineering Skills program.